"There is no death. Only a change of worlds."

                                             ~ Chief Seattle, 1786 - 1866

Spirit Rescue aka Rescue Mediumship

"Earthbound spirits" are those whose physical bodies have died but whose souls have not made the transition to the appropriate spirit realm for their soul’s continued development. We communicate with those souls brought to our attention and help them understand that staying between the worlds is not for their highest good. We explain to them that they have not made the transition to the higher vibratory plane where their soul will continue its development.

Failure to make a full transition occurs for a variety of reasons:

  • a traumatic death
  • strong obsessive attachments to people or possessions
  • intense fear or guilt
  • strongly held religious beliefs about the afterlife
  • mental confusion

Even in the presence of these factors, only a few souls lose their way or remain in the “in-between" world. A soul cannot be forced to leave, but gentle guidance in turning their focus toward the Light is usually successful. 1

We show the same care and compassion in this work as we do for a living person who comes for healing.

During our rescue work, we often see or hear aspects of the life-stories and circumstances of the deaths of each earthbound soul we assist. Some communicate that they are relieved that someone is finally listening to them and express gratitude for the help.  We are able to clear away the frequencies of fear, confusion, and unresolved problems or relationships.  This then allows the departing soul to perceive the circumstances of their lives from a higher perspective - to see through new eyes.  This new understanding allows them to release themselves from the world of matter.  

Spirit Realm Provides Assistance

As all humans have free will, most will choose to move on when they are offered an acceptable resolution to their unresolved dilemmas. When there is persistent refusal to leave, we ask their spirit guides to assist them in understanding that they cannot disrupt or interfere with the lives of those still in the physical world. In coming to that realization, even the most reluctant ones will move on in their journey. We recognize the distinction between those souls who are lingering and in a state of distress or unease and those souls who send messages of love and encouragement to family members or close friends.

As we learned from one of our early teachers, “You can’t keep them as pets!” 2 We agree. Would you purposely hold back a friend or family member from learning and progressing through life?

In some cases, what is perceived as a haunting is in fact a psychic-emotional imprint that appears to play over and over like a tape loop. These impressions are seen most often at the site of battles, or profoundly emotional events.

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